Southhampton Homestead

Location: Norilup Brook, Balingup, WA 6253

Welcome! We are a small family farm producing chickens and Muscovy ducks on 120 acres of beautiful farmland near Balingup in the Southwest of Western Australia. Our animals are hand-reared on perennial pastures, insects and sunshine. The way they are supposed to be. At Southampton Farm we harvest and prepare the birds by hand in our custom-built poultry processor – a modern, fully equipped and approved micro-abattoir and butcher room. Ours is the first facility of its kind in the south west. The result is great-tasting and naturally nutritious food for our customers. We call it “innate” food. Owners Jeff Pow and Michelle McManus are part of a leading trend in farming – taking back responsibility for the growing and the processing of all the food on the farm, and bring it directly to you – our customers. We believe in farming in ethical, regenerative and profitable way. We share our story in the hope that we can inspire our customers, and support others in reconnecting to ecological farms, farmers and good food.



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