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Margaret River Farmers Market

September 05, 2015
6:00 - 10:00am

Categories: Food , Wine , Beer , Local Produce

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The Margaret River Farmers’ Market has been a feature of the Region for over 13 years, providing access to fresh local produce for both residents and visitors.
From humble beginnings the Market has grown to be a Saturday morning fixture with up to 50 stalls, selling everything from fruit and vegetables to meats, eggs, cheeses, baked goods, drinks, nougat and chocolate.
Only producers from the local Shires and occasionally other South West shires are eligible to apply to have a stall under the MR Farmers’ Market Rules & Guidelines. The stalls are operated by the people who grow or make the produce. This makes the Margaret River Market one of only a few genuine Farmers’ Markets in the state.
The Market has moved to the Margaret River Education Campus at 272 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River. Just 800m south of the Visitor Centre on the Main Street.
The Farmers’ Market is a business incubator, with local producers testing new product and developing new enterprises from the opportunity created by its thriving, vibrant atmosphere.
In an environment where food supply in Australia is increasingly controlled by large supermarket chains, the Market is an important alternative outlet for produce and an integral part of successful farmers’ businesses. Customers can connect with the producers of the food they eat and know that they are supporting local livelihoods, creating local employment and fulfillment.
Perhaps even more importantly the Farmers’ Market has become a social event. Community members can catch up in a friendly atmosphere while they support local agriculture and food manufacturing. This builds the bonds that create community spirit, resilience and well-being. Each market features a breakfast bar, providing delicious food for Market customers. This breakfast bar is always run by a local charitable, school or sporting organisation to raise funds for their cause. The market also features local musicians and occasional band performances.
The Farmers’ Market is certain to become an even more integral community institution over the next ten years, and is already a must-do experience for visitors.
The Margaret River Farmers’ Market is run by the Margaret River Regional Producers’ Association, a not for profit association run by a volunteer board.

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