Windows Estate

Location: 4 Quininup Road, Corner Caves Road Yallingup, Western Australia 6282

We are a young family with an incredible passion for the work that we do and an intense belief that through hard work we can continually evolve and make wines that are better each and every year. Our goal is simple, to make beautiful wines. Through an incredible (some may think worrying) amount of attention to detail we create wines that are unique and have a sense of place. We are big believers in growing our wine, not making it, anything that can be done by hand in the vineyard or winery is, we are suckers for tradition and hard work. We like to have complete control over the production of our wines, and the only way to do that is to do it all ourselves, so that’s what we do, from grape through to bottle. The hero for us is and always will be the fruit. We have 9 varieties planted in our little vineyard, lots of different blocks on different dirt with varying row orientations, dependent upon what Chris was looking to achieve with the flavours. We utilise traditional winemaking methods with a focus on balance and minimal intervention. One of our most popular items is our little basket press, we use this for all of our red wines and have in the past run the Chardonnay through there as well, we find it’s a much gentler process. Our wines are true to their form. We are not of the new age winemakers/marketing genius’s who spend a decent portion of their time travelling the world and spruiking their wines, in all honestly we shy away from this…we hope that our wines do the talking for us, and to be quite honest raising a family, vineyard/winery commitments, cellar door, wholesale, marketing and accounts doesn’t leave a great deal of time for spruiking.


Phone: 08 9756 6655


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