Yellow Fin Tours

Location: Dunsborough, Australia 6281

We offer an amazing and exhilarating fishing experience. Suitable for the whole family, or bring your mates along! Our top of the range Hobie MirageDrive kayaks are extremely easy to manoeuvre and very stable, no experience is required. They do not require a paddle as you move by pedalling with your feet leaving your hands to reel in a big beauty. Our unique tours are perfect for simply taking in the beauty and serenity of the sea and the secluded coastline or for those who wish to fish. From your kayak you will have the opportunity to watch dolphins play, schools of fish shimmer beneath you and the breathtaking feats of whales as these mighty creatures migrate down the coast (including Humpback, Blue, Southern Right and Minke whales). These tours provide a wonderful opportunity for those looking for memorable experiences and an adventurous day out including parents and children, the young at heart and the truly young! US IN A NUTSHELL: * Our friendly tour guide is a local fisherman and resident and will give you a fun day to remember. * Mounted cameras will capture your every experience and photos will be emailed to you free of charge. * Kayaks are fully equipped with specialized top quality fishing gear, lures (so no messy baits), safety vests and specialised kayaks. * A 2 person kayak is available (perfect for pairing up with your kids or partner) * The tours venture into areas not easily accessible by road. This is truly the best way to see the magnificent bay, breathtaking wildlife and coastline of the South West. * For those who fish we would expect to catch a range of fish including: Tailor, Flathead , YellowFin, Herring, Whiting, Skippy and squid. * Fishing can be carried out close to the coast or for the very adventurous further out (weather permitting.) VIP private tour - $249pp 2/3 person tour - $99pp 4 person tour- $79pp To book or to find out more information, drop us a line: or visit our web page:



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